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The name of this organization shall be the Stafford Girls Softball Association, Incorporated, hereinafter to be known as the SGSA.




Section 1:            Purpose


The purpose of this organization will be to promote and foster recreational activities for the girls of Stafford Township with SGSA Executive Board Approval.


Section 2:            Objective


The objective of the SGSA, a voluntary non-profit organization, is to provide a competitive program for the girls of Stafford Township.  All officers and members will bear in mind that showcasing individual skills or winning of games is secondary.  The simple opportunity to play organized softball is of prime importance.




The order of SGSA business shall be as follows:


1.         Call to Order

2.         Roll Call

3.         Minutes

4.         Guest Speakers

5.         Correspondence

6.         Treasurer’s Report

7.         President’s Statement

8.         Standing Committees

9.         Special Committees

10.       Old Business

11.       New Business

12.       Player Agent Updates

13.             Adjournment






Section 1:         Any person interested in active participation as a head coach, assistant coach, scorekeeper, or in an administrative capacity to effect the objective of the SGSA should apply to the Executive Board annually to become a member subject to successful completion of a background check and completion of the Rutgers (or Babe Ruth) Safety course.


Section 2:         Membership in the SGSA may be terminated by resignation, cause, or action of the Executive Board or by special action of the Executive Board or by special committee under Article VI Section 2.


Section 3:         All athletes meeting SGSA registration requirements are eligible to participate.  The requirements are as follows:


            1.            A completed and signed registration form.

            2.            A paid registration fee.

            3.            Signed Stafford Township Code of Conduct.

            4.            Signed Insurance Waiver Form.

            5.            Parent/Guardian must sign the Babe Ruth disclaimer and release form.


Section 4:         All members shall be covered by liability and medical insurance.  This coverage will be supplied by an insurance company to be determined on an annual basis.


Section 5:         The Executive Board has the right to limit the number of players and teams in each division.  Once this number has been met any additional players will be placed on the official waiting list, held by the Division’s Player Agent.









The Executive Board


Section 1:            No officer shall use the name of the SGSA for any business or

                        promotion outside of SGSA interests.


Section 2:         No officer will take it upon himself to buy or commit SGSA funds over one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) for anything without being approved by two (2) or more Executive Board Members.  No officer shall take it upon himself to buy or commit SGSA funds for anything not approved by the Executive Board.  The Board authorizes the concession stand to purchase up to $500.00 without Board approval.


Section 3:         No members shall hold more than one office at a time unless circumstances force steps to the contrary.


Section 4:            Executive Board Officers shall be as follows:


            1.          President

            2.          Vice President

            3.         Secretary

            4.          Treasurer



Section 5:             General Board Officers


            Are to include the Executive Board Officers and the following:

            1.            Website Coordinator

2.            Concession Stand Manager

            3.            Safety Director

            4.            Stingray Representative

            5.             A Player Agent for each Division


The outgoing President, leaving in good standing, shall maintain a voting seat on the general board in an advisory capacity for one (1) year after leaving the position as President.


The Executive Board Shall


            1.            Supervise and promote the association activities.

            2.            Meet as determined by the President.

            3.            Rule on all suggestions of the general membership.

            4.            Manage the property and affairs of SGSA.

            5.            Attend seventy five (75) percent of board and general meetings each year

to maintain their position on the Executive Board.

            6.            The Executive Board may authorize excused absences.

            7.            Review any and all penalties imposed during the previous year.

            8.            Upon termination of duties as officers, shall turn over all official papers

                             and league records to the SGSA within two (2) weeks of termination of


9.         Any Executive board member shall have the right to sign SGSA checks in the absence of the President in compliance with the bank signature card on file.  All checks require two (2) signatures – one being the Treasurer.


Section 6:            Duties of the President


The President shall:


            1.            Preside over all meetings of SGSA, according to Robert’s Rules.

            2.            Have the right to co-sign with the Treasurer on all moneyed transactions.

            3.            Represent SGSA at township/recreation meetings or send an authorized        

                        Agent descending in order of rank.

            4.            Appoint all committees and call any special committees and meetings.

            5.            Maintain official and corporation papers during his/her term in office.

            6.            Form an audit committee for the purpose of review of the books at the

                        December meeting.

            7.            Develop agenda for all meetings.

            8.             Perform any other duties as deemed necessary during the term in office.

            9.            The President has the right to assign a Parliamentarian to preside over

                        meetings to assure the By-laws are followed as closely as possible.

            10.            The President has the right to assign a Sergeant to Arms if he/she feels it is


            11.      Schedule through the proper school and township officials all fields, gyms,        

and meeting rooms necessary.


Section 7:            Duties of the Vice President;


The Vice President shall:


            1.          Perform all duties of the President in his/her absence.

            2.          Supervise the selection and maintenance of equipment, supplies and


3.          Supervise the disbursement and collection of equipment and uniforms through the respective players/agents.

            2.          Supervise the fund-raising committee and team sponsors of all divisions.


Section 8:            Duties of the Treasurer:


The Treasurer shall:


1.         Collect all monies of SGSA, recreation league only, and deposit in designated account.

            2.         Pay all obligations upon approval of the Executive Board.

            3.         Submit a Treasurer’s report at all scheduled executive and general 


4.         Notify executive board of any delinquent payments or financial discrepancies.

5.         File Federal tax forms for non-profit organizations.

6.         Be responsible for procurement of Liability Insurance.







Section 9:            Duties of the Secretary


The Secretary shall:


            1.            Keep the minutes of all regular, executive and emergency meetings and

                        read meeting minutes at the next scheduled meeting.           

            2.          Maintain accurate attendance and voting records.

            3.          Maintain and file all official papers and documents.

            4.          Release copies of minutes to special committees that pertain to those


            5.          Provide a copy of the minutes within two (2) weeks of receipt of a written


            6.          Conduct all official correspondence, keeping copies of correspondence

                        for the permanent record.

7.         Notify members of time and place of meetings.

            8.          Schedule through the proper school and township officials all fields, gyms,        

and meeting rooms necessary.

 9.        Co-ordinate all incoming mail, turning over all money received to the Treasurer.


Section 10:        Duties of the Concession Stand Manager


The Concession Stand Manager shall:


            1.            Order inventory.

            2.            Receive and stock inventory.

            3.            Schedule the volunteers to work in the stand.

            4.            Schedule people to open and close the stand.

            5.            Count and record money at the end of each day with a Board member and    

                        give to the Treasurer.





Section 11:            Duties of the Safety Director


The Safety Director shall:


            1.            Inspect fields and equipment.

            2.            Present to the board all suggestions to improve and maintain safety.

            3.            Report all field maintenance concerns to the Executive Board and to the

                        President of the SGSA for repair.

4.         Maintain records of injured players and members and prepare a final report.

5.         Send a copy of incident report to Recreation Department (Mrs. Betty Ann McVey, Director) at Stafford Township and provide a copy to the SGSA President.

6.         Be responsible to follow up on any injured player or member.



Section 12:      Duties of the Website Coordinator


The Website Coordinator shall:


1.      Update the website, including updating league standings, upcoming events, rules and by-laws and any other matters pertaining to website maintenance and upkeep.

2.      Provide the President and Vice President with the username and passwords of web accounts.

3.      Inform newspapers/radio stations of upcoming events and approved press releases.


Section 13:            Duties of the Stingray Representative


The Stingray Representative shall:


            1.            Spokesperson for the Stingray Teams.

            2.            Present all Stingray requests to the Executive Board for approval.

            3.            Inventory all equipment (Property of SGSA).

            4.            Player registration for all Stingray Teams.

            5.            Responsible for providing necessary financial records to the SGSA




Section 14:            Duties of the Division Player Agents


The Player Agents shall:


            1.            One Player Agent for each division shall be appointed by the President

                        with a majority of the Executive Board approval and shall serve a term of

                        one year.

            2.            Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:


                        a.   Player agent shall not represent any division where he/she is a coach, assistant coach, sponsor, or has a child or step-child on any team in said division.  The Executive Bards may override this at any time.

                        b.   Assist in disbursement and recovery of uniforms and equipment for the division he/she represents.

                        c.   Maintain all teams at regulation strength, maintaining a waiting list for the division he/she represents.

                        d.   Assist at league tryouts and direct draft.

                        e.   Maintain harmony in division he/she represents.

                        f.    Be available to observe games when requested by any coach or member of said division.

                        g.   Report all pertinent division information and concerns to the Executive Board.

                        h.   Represent SGSA Executive Board to the division ensuring compliance and understanding of all SGSA rules, regulations, and goals. 








Violations of Policy/Procedures

Section 1:         The policy of the SGSA is that board members, coaches, player agents, parents and players are to conduct themselves in a responsible manner at all times. In accordance with the Stafford Township Code of Conduct, there will be a zero tolerance policy for violations of the Code of Conduct and for any incidents involving misconduct. The following procedure shall be in place to address allegations of misconduct.

Section 2:         Any and all complaints alleging misconduct on the part of board members, coaches, player agents, parents and players, must be submitted in writing in a timely manner (within 5 days of the incident) and shall be addressed to the President. If the complaint alleges misconduct by the President, then the complaint shall be filed with the First Vice President.

Section 3:         The President (or the First Vice President if the incident involves the President) shall establish a date for a hearing which shall be held within 10 days of the receipt of the complaint. The matter shall be heard by a majority of the Board. Any member of the Board who is a potential witness or who shall have a conflict of interest shall recuse himself or herself from hearing the complaint.

Section 4:         At the time designated for a hearing, the complainant shall present his/her complaint to the Board during a closed meeting of the Board. The complainant must be prepared to present any evidence and witnesses at that hearing. Complainants shall represent themselves and only the complainant and his/her witnesses shall be present. The Board shall question the complainant and any of the witnesses as the Board members see fit to question. The Secretary shall keep written minutes of the proceedings; however, the minutes are not subject to public disclosure.

Section 5:         Based on the testimony of the complainant and the evidence as presented, the Board may:

a. Render a decision either sustaining or dismissing the complaint.

b. Request additional testimony from the complainant, witnesses or any other individuals that are involved in the incident to receive additional information and/or clarification.

Section 6:         A final decision shall be rendered by the Board in writing within 10 days of the conclusion of the proceedings, inclusive of any additional testimony or evidence heard by the Board. Notice shall be sent to the complainant and, if appropriate, to any individuals subject to any sanctions imposed by the Board for misconduct.

Section 7:         Sanctions that may be imposed by the Board shall include but shall not be limited to:

a. Suspension of a player, coach, player agent or Board Member for a definitive period of time as determined by the Board.

b. Banning a parent from attending and watching games for a definitive period of time. If this sanction is imposed and a parent refuses to abide by the Board’s decision, the team shall forfeit any games that the parent attends.

c. Expulsion from the league which shall be permanent.

d. A written reprimand.

e. Other sanctions deemed appropriate by the Board

Section 8:         It is the expressed policy of the Board that all matters brought to the Board’s attention through this process which may involve a potential violation of any law and/or state, federal or local regulation, shall be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency in a timely manner once the facts have been established and verified by the Board.

Section 9:         If a complaint has been filed and the Board is able to ascertain that the complaint is frivolous, the Board reserves the right to sanction the complainant for knowingly making unsubstantiated allegations.

Section 10:       All decisions of the Board are final in terms of the SGSA. Appeals may be made to the Stafford Township Code of Conduct Committee if the Committee accepts the matter for appeal.


Note: Any violation of the Stafford Township Code of Conduct will be brought in front of the Stafford Township Code of Conduct Committee for resolution. 














Section 1:         The regular monthly meetings of SGSA will be determined at the 1st annual meeting of the year in October.


Section 2:         Executive board meetings shall be held prior to general meetings at a date and time designated by the President.


Section 3:         A simple majority of the Executive Board must be present at any official meeting to maintain a QUORUM.





Special Committees:


Section 1:         Nominating committee – At the regular general meeting held in July a nominating committee of four (4) to six (6) members shall be appointed.  It shall be the duties of this committee to nominate candidates for offices to be filled for the coming year.  This committee will report at the general meeting in August.  Additional nominations from the floor will be accepted at this time.  Vote shall be taken at the September meeting.  New board shall take places October 1st.  In order to serve on this committee you must have attended a minimum of four (4) meetings within the past year.


Section 2:         Protest Committee – At the time of protest, the player agent will pick four (4) members to serve on a protest committee and the player agent will hold the tie-breaking vote.  Members of the committee shall be accepted at this time.


Section 3:         The Rules and By-Laws Committee shall be formed each year at the October Meeting and the proposed changes shall be presented at the November meeting and adopted at the December meeting.


Section 4:         All other special committees, standing or special, shall be appointed by the President or the Executive Board as needed to carry on the business of the SGSA.  The President shall be a member of all committees except the nominating committee.










Section 1:         A simple majority of the Executive Board is needed to carry any vote.



Section 2:     General Elections:


1.            Members of the Executive Board shall be elected by ballot to serve for one (1) year term.  Their term of office shall run from October 1st to September 30th.  The new Treasurer takes office October 1st and the old Treasurer will stay on until December 31st to close out the year end and train the new Treasurer.


2.            At the August meeting the nominating committee will announce the list of candidates running for office.


3.            Any active member who has attended four (4) general meetings during the course of the year may vote.


4.             If a tie occurs, a second election will be held for that particular office which is tied.







Coaches will be required to sign out all equipment issued by the SGSA.  It will be their responsibility to return equipment to the equipment manager (the First VP) at the designated time at the end of the season.




Playing Rules:


Rules governing each division will be those set down in the official rule book or those rules designated by the Executive Board.  Appointed player agents must be present at all rules meetings affecting the division they represent.










These By-Laws can be amended on an annual basis by a general membership two thirds (2/3’s) majority vote.  Amendments will be presented first verbally, then by writing at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  In effect, it shall take two (2) meetings to accept a change in these By-Laws.





Draft Date:


The draft date is the recognized official date of a particular season.





General Rules of Order:


Any and all proceeding not covered by these By-Laws will be governed by ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER AND PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE.






SGSA Disbandment:


In the event that SGSA finds it must disband its membership, any and all funds left in the treasury shall be used as a scholarship for qualifying previous players of SGSA who will graduate from Southern Regional the June following the disbandment.






SGSA Scholarships:


SGSA Scholarships will be decided on an annual basis by the Executive Board




SGSA Stafford Stingrays Travel Teams:


To be added by an addendum formed by a Stafford Stingray Committee and approved by the SGSA Executive Board.






The Executive Board is to approve any future leagues.  Leagues must complete an application.